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June 13, 2014

2836 Bledsoe St
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Arlington Heights
(817) 877-4628
This is hands down my favorite burger place in DFW. They take a good burger and throw on all sorts of greatness. The Caca Oxaca for example has a fried egg and chorizo. Every time I go back they have a new burger on the menu.
I like that the burger patties aren’t too large, knowing that there will be other toppings on it. Otherwise it would be too big to eat “comfortably.”
On top of that, they have an excellent craft beer selection! It may be on par with the best craft beer bars in DFW.
Although, since it’s so great it is always packed. I’m not a fan of waiting but if you haven’t tried this place before it’s worth it.
3009 S University Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76109
TCU/West Cliff
(817) 927-5522
I don’t know how anyone could give Dutch’s anything less than 5 stars! The Bacon Blue Cheeseburger is AMAZING. Hands down the best burger I have ever had in my life. The fries and onion rings are of good quality as well. It is a cool college atmosphere that reminds me of being back home. They also have an awesome beer special on Wednesdays I believe where it is like $5 for a pitcher!
If you want a burger and are in Fort Worth – Go to Ducth’s!
915 Currie St
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Arlington Heights
(817) 332-0083
Great burgers, live music, drinks are well priced. It is an open-air bar, which I love. Parking is limited at the bar but there is generally always a spot on the street. It is also located in the heart of 7th street in walking distance to the other great bars.
4616 Granbury Rd
Fort Worth, TX 76132
TCU/West Cliff
(817) 924-8611
If you’re looking for a giant, heart attack causing burger with heaping portions of fries this is your place…
Get it to go, so you can enjoy this amazing artery clogging goodness in the comforts of your own home, plus the only way to wash it all down is with a nice ice-cold beer (which they don’t sell).
We would always try to do the “fat-kid” challenge, which was to order the biggest burger there (not the project x burger, unless you want to commit gastro-intestinal suicide), with fries and then top it off with an ice-cold tallboy.
Charley’s is your stereotypical greasy back yard giant heart attack burger.  Nothing fancy, nothing pretentious, just a hamburger and french fries and a giant soda in an environment-killing Styrofoam cup.  Can’t beat it.
4901 Camp Bowie Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Arlington Heights
(817) 732-2881
Best burger in Fort Worth and best I’ve had in a long while. Thick, juicy meat that takes the cake. The meat was so good that I remembered nothing else. I did have some fried okra which was good but nothing spectacular but I could be comparing it to the meat!
Located in an older strip mall and the inside has a old school burger joint feel which looks like it might second as a little market. The stuff they sell I believe are condiments and canned items but not too sure. Lots of newspaper clippings all over the wall and noticed that Kincaid’s is Pat Green’s favorite burgers! Well they are mine now!
5020 Stanley Keller Rd
Haltom City, TX 76117
(817) 831-8015
Been going to Clown Burger for years going back to the old Belknap days. Excellent burger, good flavor, killer fries and no frills. Just good burgers and fries. The atmosphere is a little strange to a first-timer but those if us who remember the old place and are nostalgic for it will appreciate it, the rest, well you just have to get used to it. Super friendly staff and great burger joint must-haves make this a worthy stop.
2900 W 7th St.
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Arlington Heights
(800) 786-1000
We specifically passed through the Fort Worth area on the way to New Mexico to have In N Out. Meal-wise, you did not disappoint. Definitely the quality I was expecting to have. While I waited though, I was happy to see the employees were happy interacting with each other.  It was definitely busy there, but it was pleasant to see.  This got y’all the 5th star.
200 Carroll St
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Arlington Heights
(817) 882-8020
This place is a really good place to come and eat when you want a really good homemade hamburger! I got the tacula burger, it had a fried egg, chorizo, grilled onions, lettuce, and jalapeños, and there house sauce witch made the burger phenomenal!! Whole family loved it. And the staff very friendly, the museum next to it, makes the place a whole lot better!
3520 Alta Mere Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76116
Western Hills/Ridglea
(817) 560-7888
The Good:
So check this out: When someone tells you to get the burger
It’s fried. In cheese. And then gets a crunchy cheese halo. Seriously the best thing I’ve had on a burger. The bread is sweet. There’s jalapeños. And you’ll eat it out of your boyfriend’s hands (sorry Frank).  The owner comes around and introduces himself and solicits your opinions. It gets crowded. The place is fairly priced. But the burger is all it should really take.
9101 Blvd 26 Ste 161
North Richland Hills, TX 76180
(817) 281-8887
Looking for a GREAT, HEARTY burger that tastes super fresh?! With GREATY, HEARTY tasty Cajun Fries? You have to come here! I had the Bacon Burger with Jalapeños and my BF had the Chicken Fried Steak Burger and it was SO DELICIOUS!! So Juicy and Beefy!!! It was so good my BF couldn’t help but to finish eating mines and all of his. Mind we both finished our beyond tasty Cajun Fries! It was our first time here and we are hooked.
The “only con” (which I don’t even think its that bad) is that it takes a good minute to get the food BUT only because they are making it taste SO fresh! And the Owner is always walking around and meeting and greeting her customers. I call that a great businesswoman! Do come here if you are looking for a good burger!

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